Is Shy Love Still Around? Yes! With a new scam this time!

Shy Love claims she has helped more than 500 people find inner peace as a life coach.

Money Loves Success Shy Love Scam

Yeah. I can’t make this shit up.

I can’t believe that she’s found a new way to scam money out of people but leave it to Shy Love.

You know what they say; cockroaches never die.

I can’t believe people are really falling for this Money Loves Success scam. Scam

What advice is she giving them? How to get in trouble with the IRS? Because trust me, she knows how to do just that.

Maybe she wants to teach people how to commit medical fraud.

I mean, with Shy Love around, the possibilities are truly endless.

Shy Love wants you to know that “Money Loves Success,” but I want you to know a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Once a scammer, always a scammer.

Don’t trust this person with your money.

Shy Love is not a qualified life coach.

Shy Love is a con man. Period.


The Shy Love Student Loan Scam

Shy Love got a student loan on June 28, 2006. By March 31, 2008 she had racked up $154,056 in student loans.

How the fuck do you get $154,056 worth of student loan debt in two fucking years?

Can we say fraud much?


I don’t know how the fuck she scammed the government and got them to give her so much money in just two years, but fuck me if she did.

Now this part I’m a little iffy on. Either she took out another student loan or this is part of the other loan and the balance has more than doubled.


Right now she currently owes $280,351 on one student loan account 1939514XXXX. This was is from the Navient Education Loan Corp for the purposes of a student loan.

Is Shy Love dying from some rare kidney disease?

Shy Love has been claiming to be dying. To many she said she had 4 years left to live. Is there any truth to this? Anyone who knows her will swear left and right it’s true.

But let me ask you this, if she has this failing kidney then how can she drink all that wine? Anyone who has ever had failing kidneys will tell you, you can not under any circumstances drink any alcohol.

So I decided to Google this “rare genetic disorder” she claims to have.

Turns out she was telling the truth in that it was rare. But is it deadly? Fuck no. Not even close.

Shy Love suffers from Medullary sponge kidney, also known as Cacchi-Ricci disease.

Basically it causes cysts to grow on her kidneys. These can be painful and they can keep urine from flowing freely.

That sucks but it’s not a death sentence like Shy Love would have you believe.

Her disease can also cause her to get kidney stones and a lot of UTIs (urinary tract infections).

It does not limit her life expectancy.

Yes, it can cause her to get kidney stones. Yes, it can cause her to get cysts that sometimes she may have to have surgically removed.

Is she going to die as a result of her medical condition?  Fuck no. She fucking lies and says that shit to get attention.

She’s a fucking liar.


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