Is Shy Love Still Around? Yes! With a new scam this time!

Shy Love claims she has helped more than 500 people find inner peace as a life coach.

Money Loves Success Shy Love Scam

Yeah. I can’t make this shit up.

I can’t believe that she’s found a new way to scam money out of people but leave it to Shy Love.

You know what they say; cockroaches never die.

I can’t believe people are really falling for this Money Loves Success scam. Scam

What advice is she giving them? How to get in trouble with the IRS? Because trust me, she knows how to do just that.

Maybe she wants to teach people how to commit medical fraud.

I mean, with Shy Love around, the possibilities are truly endless.

Shy Love wants you to know that “Money Loves Success,” but I want you to know a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Once a scammer, always a scammer.

Don’t trust this person with your money.

Shy Love is not a qualified life coach.

Shy Love is a con man. Period.


This Sheelagh Blumberg website is dedicated to the shady acts of Shy Love. Be careful before doing any business with Sheelagh Blumberg (Shy Love). This website should serve as a warning to you. This Sheelagh Blumberg website should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of moral and ethical values.