Shy Love once faked Cancer! How fucked up is that?

Shy Love’s bullshit and lies date back years and years. I found an old article about Shy Love from the old Gene Ross archives at It’s long as fuck but worth a read. You’ll see in there a bunch of shit she made up including the time she faked having cancer.

Of course that’s only part of the story. The best part has to be the scene with Taylor Rain. lol

The long hibernating Mr. Metro writes:

Hey Gene, long time, no talk. Fascinating stuff on your website. This is like the old days.

I was just reading the entire Shy Love piece on her ex-husband Eric Hunter and now Keith O’Connor and wanted to see perhaps if you, like myself, caught some of the inaccuracies and wondered if Shy was suffering from being a pathological liar – whereas she actually believes her own lies.

I know Shy and Eric very well, and I knew Anthony and Keith when they were both here at Metro and then left to start Defiance. I still see Shy from time to time at industry events, but Eric is now out of the business, Keith and Taylor Rain are also out of the business and Anthony moved back to Rhode Island with Kelly Erikson and they are out of the business.

Shy Love says she got fired because she wouldn’t fuck Keith. If that were true don’t you think at the time both Shy and Eric would had thrown a fit and there would have been a shit storm of emails, blogs, phone calls, text messages and postings about it on your site and every other gossip site?

Neither of them are known for being tight lipped so if there were any truth to that don’t you think Eric and-or Shy would have called, emailed, text messaged, written in the sky to each and every blog and gossip column? In your interview with Eric, he says he can’t remember why Keith hated Shy so much. Don’t you think he would remember something as big as that being her husband? I bet he would.

If Keith was attracted to Shy enough to want to fuck her in return for work wouldn’t it then also be reasonable to assume she would have appeared in titles for the companies and on box covers?

My recollection is that Shy Love never once appeared in any of the 50 Torrid or Defiance titles EXCEPT for placing herself in a scene SHE directed with Taylor Rain and Evan Stone in which Taylor Rain walked off the set during the middle of shooting because Shy Loves’ pussy stunk, she said that on a long time ago and even Eric remembered it in his interview with you.

Since I am involved in post production what I found to be so funny was that Keith told the editor, who also happens to edit titles for our company, to go ahead and leave the part where Taylor Rain walked off the set in disgust into the final cut of the scene.

Shy said that Keith stole money from Norman and Defiance to start Torrid. Jerry from Mallcom started and owned Torrid with Anthony and Jerry funded Torrid with his own money, so there goes that one.

And secondly Shy says ‘Norman and Defiance had no idea about Torrid’, according to Anthony, Ron Levi’s adult rental company was one of the best clients of Torrid product. He told me they would come downstairs and hand him a Purchase Order for Torrid titles and then walk into the warehouse with him, pick the titles and bring them back upstairs. But according to Shy, ‘no one knew’.

In his interview with Scott Fayner, Keith didn’t appear to insult Shy at all or name call. In her letter to you, she stooped to a lot of name calling and outright inaccuracies in my book that’s a sign of guilt.

One thing I did catch was when Keith said he was glad Shy recovered from cancer. I remember that rumor, Shy said she had cancer and then within one week she was completely cured. Did you ask Eric about that?

Shy also says that Keith stole money from Norman. I can tell you these details as fact because both Kelly Erikson and someone related to Norman told me this exact same story.

What not too many people know is that the entire feud at Defiance began with Keith loaning Norman five thousand dollars allegedly to purchase an engagement ring for his fiance. Norman asked for it in cash, saying it was so important for him to move on with his life after his ugly and depressing divorce from his ex-wife Robbye, so Keith being Normans best friend gave Norman the loan in cash.

A month later Keith found out from someone close to Norman that Norman paid for the ring using his American Express corporate card and Keith became furious but said nothing and just waited. Months went by and Norman took trips to Hawaii, trips back and forth to Miami to see his new fiance and not once was a payment made on the loan.

From what I was told by someone really close to Norman, that is what really started the entire feud, and it ended with an ‘I’m gonna get you before you get me’ type of deal.

Shy Love says that Keith was fired from Metro. I still work here at Metro, and I can attest to the fact that Keith was not fired. Keith and Anthony both quit on the same day.

I remember getting the company email from the Rhode Island corporate office saying Keith had resigned. And what Shy Love fails to report to you was that Keith is the person who gave Shy Love and Eric their first directing job and got them stared as directors.

When Keith was head of production at Metro both Shy and Eric came in for a meeting and pled their case to Keith and Keith decided to give them both a shot at directing, their first shot. I remember because there were so many people here against it like Skeeter, Chavarria, Adams, Myne, but Keith was the boss and what he said went. Way to go Shy, talk about being both pathological and ungrateful. See if Eric will confirm all of that.

Speaking of Eric. Eric Hunter is a great guy. And I know that any problems Keith and Eric had were all because of Shy. She would always put people against each other, so she could always remain in the middle, giving her a sense of control.

Some people may say Eric’s a little arrogant but he’s really well grounded and fun to hang out with. I know for a fact that he carried that relationship for as long as I knew them both. Eric would tell me how he has to dip into savings to pay this bill or that bill and he’d have to do side advertising work to meet expenses.

I once asked him why would they be behind if Shy works everyday and Eric told me that Shy blows all her money on purses and outfits to look the part of a ‘glamour girl’. She spent more than she made and that’s why she was so heavily into doing ‘bachelor parties’.

All Eric had was his yellow BMW and from time to time some weed to smoke and that was pretty much it for him. Shy spent every dime and then left Eric holding the bag every month paying phone bills, mortgages, taxes.

Plus Eric always covered for Shy’s lies, trying to be the good husband and partner. Shy was telling people that Larry Flynt offered her a contract at Hustler and that wanted her to blow him to seal the deal, sound familiar? How’s the Hustler contract Shy?

Eric was not a suitcase pimp, never was. Here’s the real deal. Shy liked to always portray Eric as a suitcase pimp as a means of garnering sympathy for herself. She liked to give the appearance that she was the breadwinner and bill payer and Eric did nothing.

Eric worked his ass off, every day of the week and the money he made was used to pay their combined bills. The money Shy made was used to buy her clothes, makeup and purses for herself.

Shy would run from sugardaddy to sugardaddy to get money, until they wised up to her bullshit and dropped her.

Look at their business partners. Who brought them in? Eric did. Friends of his from back east. Why did it end? Because Shy stole the money and used it on her lavish lifestyle and they caught on to it. Eric was caught in the middle and his friendship with those two guys was ruined for life.

Remember Shy Love signing all those contract girls? One of my best friends in the world is one of the former girls. And to this day she curses Shy Love as a lying fraud, not Eric. Shy made all these promises of wealth, fame, partnership. Not Eric. It was Shy saying ‘I’m Shy Love, the top porn star in the world today, join me and I’ll elevate you to my status’. Instead she used the girls for free and paid them squat.

Eric was vilified by Shy and even now she still sucks him dry by fucking him over on “their” house.

Shy Love is a pathological liar and the truth is the only people who listen to her bullshit are newcummers who don’t know any better or people who are clueless.

Eric wised up and moved on. Shy is pathetic.

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