Shy Love’s secret Netherlands hideout

Shy Love

She is blind to all her employees bailing on her and thinks her office manager is loyal to her. The vanity of this liar is beyond realism. Sheelagh Liberbiom believes she is off the grid and operates with impunity.

The reality is, we know exactly where she is staying ….

Pampuszigt 32, 1111 TH Diemen
in the Nertherlands

{google maps}


Perhaps your in-laws needs a sound off of on being in the middle of many gay B-B-B-G doing the funky chicken with your mouth being a human firing range. So many failed marriages and so many wacked scenes anal journeys.

We want the content you stole Shy Love. Your emails are known just like your cheese ball phony front rogue agency site weaknesses. I know you get it. You and your webmaster stole content and its in your best interest to give it back ASAP.

How many times have you promised a website deal with your British webmaster friend, get girls to shoot all that content for free then the website never surfaces?

What really was the point of stealing all that content? Did you really think you could license it out under the radar and people not find out? THINK AGAIN.

All while you run off stealing more content scenes with that fuck wad side kick in Hollywood partner in crime of yours.

One More talent is leaving this week. Note to self Shy Love you are not remotely close to being licensed and bonded.

That means that any talent you have under contract with the vip connect can pick up and leave any time they want because your contracts aren’t valid.


This Sheelagh Blumberg website is dedicated to the shady acts of Shy Love. Be careful before doing any business with Sheelagh Blumberg (Shy Love). This website should serve as a warning to you. This Sheelagh Blumberg website should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of moral and ethical values.