Shy Love’s scamming goes back long before The VIP Connect

Shy Love from LAX Models and The VIP Connect

Prior to opening The VIP Connect, Shy Love was involved with the talent agency ATMLA and after running it into the ground, she left and started her own.

Luckily with Shy Love gone they were able to recover and become one of the top agencies in the adult industry.

I found this great story on Complaints Board about just how shitty Shy Love really is.

I recently signed a 2-year contract with Adult Talent Manager-LA not knowing i was signing my career away. They Claim to be the best Agency in the industry, i found out very different. I am young adult actress new to the business and i was recruited by a model of ATMLA, she told me that Shy Love was the best agent in the business and she truly cares about her girls which i later find out was a very false statement. The 2-year contract i signed was that i pay her 20% of my earnings, 15% to her and the other 5% to the driver to take you to and from set. The 15% is a normal rate to pay your agent to find you work and put your name out there, i was brand new to the business and i know i had great potential especially signing with the best agent in the industry. The problem is that they have SO many girls on there Rooster that are promised that they are working full-time to get them scenes, make sure you are going to a safe set and location.i would have directors calling me trying to get a hold of the agency to book me because know one in the office would answer. 85% of the time the driver was late to pick me up which made me late for my call time, i would be told that the shoot was booked as same day pay and then have the director tell me that shy called him and said she needed to pick up my check… THAT IS NOT RIGHT FOR ANY AGENT TO DO!!! as for all the other shoots that were considered payroll i still have yet to see the money she has deposited 2, 000 into my account and that’s it and i have over 12 shoots in payroll and have not seen ANY of it…and they cant seem to give me an answer to where my money is. All this agency cares about is taking your money not your career, do not sign with this agency if you want to make a name for yourself because you will be scared right out of the business! im now stuck in this awful 2 year contract, don’t make the same mistake!!!

Think that’s bad? Look at one of the comments ….

I signed up with the agency and that’s when I found out its a escorting service. I tried to get out of the contract that’s when I was told the only way I can get out of it is if I paid the agency 8, 000 dollars.
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