Shy Love Involved in Sex Trafficking

Euro sex workers say ‘Shy Love / The VIP Connect TRAFFICKED us to the U.S., held our money to keep us in line’

As the U.S. government crackdown on sex trafficking reaches fever pitch, several Eastern European sex workers tell that Shy Love, the expatriate American porn star, tax cheat, and owner of unlicensed “talent agency” The VIP Connect, trafficked them into the United States under the pretense of getting them adult film work.

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Shy Love
Shy Love

Several young women from Hungary and the Czech Republic have now come forward to say that Shy Love, 39, a.k.a. Sheelagh Blumberg / Sheelagh Liberboim, had them brought to the United States with the promise of up to $20,000 in legit adult movie shoots, only to have them deposited in a “fifth wheel” trailer near the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley to smoke HEETS tobacco as they wait desperately for the phone to ring with details of $400 – 600 illegal escort gigs.

When Shy Love opened unlicensed talent agency The VIP Connect in 2014, many in the world of adult suspected it was a front for prostitution.

An extraordinary cache of documents provided to this site in recent days details an apparent international human trafficking scheme, and EXCLUSIVE VIDEO obtained by shows young women who appeared on The VIP Connect website, living inside the trailer.

Interestingly, the location where the trailer is parked lies just three houses down from the alleged “trap house” belonging to another adult film performer turned notorious pimptress, Trinity St. Clair.

Sordid tales of St Clair’s house can be found here.

UPDATE: These photos were taken of the trailer at the same San Fernando Valley location, Saturday morning, April 7:


According to the young porn hopefuls, Shy Love arranges for European models to be brought to the U.S., allegedly with the cooperation of the Brill Babes, erotic model agency of Budapest, Hungary.

Shortly after their U.S. arrival they are transported across state lines to Nevada or Arizona, where arrangements are made for them to receive state ID cards, and then driven back to Los Angeles County in California. (One model says Shy Love accompanied a batch of models on such a trip.)

However, the women do not have work visas, and cannot work legally in the U.S.

Likewise, the women are not informed that Shy Love and her agency are so despised and distrusted in the world of adult films, that what little work she is able to get them is for low end “ratchet” companies and backstreet Clips4Sale stores.

With few options, the women wait for calls from “Maria”, who provides hem with details of prostitution jobs they need to do. (It’s not much of a Solemn Secret in porn valley that “Maria” is actually a retired adult performer who is best friends with Shy Love.)

The European women don’t know anyone in the Los Angeles area, are isolated  from the world in a trailer, have no work papers, and are informed that The VIP Connect is holding all their money for them until just before they depart for Europe, they have little choice but to take these dangerous, low-paying appointments.

Meanwhile, Shy Love boasts that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cannot get her because moved to Holland and travels to the U.S. under an Israeli passport, and that they will never be able to find the trailer.

She is spectacularly mistaken.

More on this story to come. . .

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