Shy Love’s scamming goes back long before The VIP Connect

Prior to opening The VIP Connect, Shy Love was involved with the talent agency ATMLA and after running it into the ground, she left and started her own.

Luckily with Shy Love gone they were able to recover and become one of the top agencies in the adult industry.

I found this great story on Complaints Board about just how shitty Shy Love really is.

I recently signed a 2-year contract with Adult Talent Manager-LA not knowing i was signing my career away. They Claim to be the best Agency in the industry, i found out very different. I am young adult actress new to the business and i was recruited by a model of ATMLA, she told me that Shy Love was the best agent in the business and she truly cares about her girls which i later find out was a very false statement. The 2-year contract i signed was that i pay her 20% of my earnings, 15% to her and the other 5% to the driver to take you to and from set. The 15% is a normal rate to pay your agent to find you work and put your name out there, i was brand new to the business and i know i had great potential especially signing with the best agent in the industry. The problem is that they have SO many girls on there Rooster that are promised that they are working full-time to get them scenes, make sure you are going to a safe set and location.i would have directors calling me trying to get a hold of the agency to book me because know one in the office would answer. 85% of the time the driver was late to pick me up which made me late for my call time, i would be told that the shoot was booked as same day pay and then have the director tell me that shy called him and said she needed to pick up my check… THAT IS NOT RIGHT FOR ANY AGENT TO DO!!! as for all the other shoots that were considered payroll i still have yet to see the money she has deposited 2, 000 into my account and that’s it and i have over 12 shoots in payroll and have not seen ANY of it…and they cant seem to give me an answer to where my money is. All this agency cares about is taking your money not your career, do not sign with this agency if you want to make a name for yourself because you will be scared right out of the business! im now stuck in this awful 2 year contract, don’t make the same mistake!!!

Think that’s bad? Look at one of the comments ….

I signed up with the agency and that’s when I found out its a escorting service. I tried to get out of the contract that’s when I was told the only way I can get out of it is if I paid the agency 8, 000 dollars.

Another one runs as fast as she can to get away from Shy Love

For quite some time Shy Love has been telling anyone who will listen how Selena Rose, now Selena Santana is one of her best girls and how they are great friends.

Apparently Selena didn’t feel the same. She has now left shy Love and her rogue agency The VIP Connect and has signed with LA Direct Models.

It sucks that someone you claim is your good friend doesn’t even want to do business with you.


With friends like Shy Love who needs enemies?

Shy Love doesn’t have a lot of money, but she likes to pretend that she does.

At the AVN Awards show this year in Las Vegas she co-hosted a big, lavish party with Derek Hay from LA Direct Models, who also owns The Lee Network.

The problem is, Shy Love couldn’t afford to financially contribute to the party, so instead she made Derek Hay feel sorry for her. He let her put her name on the party as if she was actually a real co-host.

Nice of him, right?

What does Shy Love do in return? Shows up to the party with A List Dave, the owner of The Lee Network’s competition. A List Dave have been known to do some shady shit over the years to fuck with The Lee Network.

Guess it’s true what they say, with friends like Shy Love who the fuck needs enemies?

That bitch has no problem fucking over anyone at any time, while lying to your face, pretending to be your friend.

You may notice in that picture is also Emily Mena who recently left LA Direct Models under auspicious circumstances. So why would Shy Love bring this girl to the party knowing it is co-hosted by LA Direct Models and Emily has been out there talking all kinds of shit about LA Direct?

Who does that?

Shy Love of course.

Then again can you really expect anything less from the person who had been feeding Mike South false information for years and it ended up getting him sued. As a result Mike South lost ownership of his website. Did Shy Love come to his defense knowing she was the one who fed him the lies that got him sued in the first place?


Shy Love doing scenes UNTESTED. What is she hiding?

Shy Love is performing on camera but she is not tested. That’s right, she has no valid STD test despite it being a requirement in the adult industry.

In July of 2016 Shy Love contacted Talent Testing and had them hide her previous test results.

She has had no new tests results since that time.

Rumor is, her mysterious illness that she speaks about all the time isn’t kidney problems but is in fact Hepatitis C!

But that doesn’t mean Shy Love has stopped having sex on camera.

In fact she did a girl/girl scene in August for

In November around the 15th she shot for Girlfriend Films with Alexis Fawx UNTESTED.

On November 12th she did a girl/girl scene with Tylo Duran on

She also recently shot with Nikki Phoenix, Lynn Vega and Riley Reyes.

But hey, when the director is your friend, who needs to prove they are tested, right?



Shy Love is Trolling For Teens

Shy Love tweeted a message today that said she was looking for hot girls under 25.


I’m here to warn you, this is the last person you should contact. That is, if you want to make any money.

Shy Love can’t be trusted and the girls who work for her end up running away as fast as they can. Some have even quit porn just to get away from her.

If you don’t do as she says, she starts publicly berating you.


It’s not that a girl doesn’t show up on a job because she’s a flake. She doesn’t show up because the girl doesn’t want to work with Shy Love anymore and Shy Love won’t take the fucking hint.

And you know what she does next to girls who cross her?

She takes your real name and publishes it online.

Next she takes pictures and video clips you have done in porn and sends them to your family.

Don’t want you grandma seeing you suck a big black cock this Christmas?  Then avoid Shy Love at all costs!


Shy Love using LAX Models to scam girls

Shy Love owns The VIP Connect.

Sophia Santi owns LAX Models

The VIP Connect is not licensed in California.

LAX Models was, however they are not anymore. LAX Models was licensed under the name Model Democracy, LLC. That company is now dissolved.

Model Democracy, LLC. was owned by Scott Reedy, a douchebag producer from Las Vegas. He dissolved that company.

However that being said, Sophia Santi owned the license. It was in her name.

The VIP Connect, LAX Models and Metro Talent Management all were using the same license #. The only problem, they were independently owned and operated and operated agencies.

The law prohibits agencies that are independently owned and operated to share the same license.

Does Shy Love care? Nope.

She now claims that LAX Models and The VIP Connect are one in the same.

The problem with that is, neither are licensed, so that is irrelevant.

Lax Models is not legally licensed to do business in the state of California.

The VIP Connect is not legally licensed to do business in the state of California.

Shy Love forces porn star Aubrey Gold into retirement

Poor Aubrey Gold. When she signed her contract with THE VIP CONNECT she had no idea she was getting involved with a scammer.

As you see in the video below, Shy Love tricked Aubrey Gold into a 4 year contract.

After a few months of not getting any work Aubrey Gold wanted out of her contract. What did Shy Love say?

Fuck you, pay me $5,000 and I’ll think about it.

So Aubrey Gold had to quit porn because Shy Love is a bitch.  She wouldn’t book the girl any work, but she also wouldn’t release her from her contract?

What kind of evil bitch does that?

Now for the last few months Aubrey Gold has been tweeting about how her agent did her wrong. Here is one such tweet from the other day.

aubrey gold

The VIP Connect hasn’t booked Aubrey Gold any work in months. So why is she still under contract? I thought if you couldn’t book a performer work in 90 days they had to let you out of your contract?

Oh that’s right, they do!

Come to think of it, Aubrey Gold’s contract was signed by The VIP Connect and they don’t have a license to do business as an agency in the state of California so how the fuck is that contract valid in the first place?

Oh that’s right, it’s not.

So really Aubrey Gold’s contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. She could come back if she wanted to but then when she tried to leave before Shy Love tried to blacklist her and harassed her relentlessly when Aubrey Gold tried to book her own work.

Who the fuck deserves that shit?

The VIP Connect needs to be closed and Shy Love needs to face charges what the shit she pulls.

This isn’t the first girl who has ran away rather than deal with Shy Love. When will the law step in and deal with this?

Shy Love has violated so many labor codes in the state of California I couldn’t even begin to count.

Let’s hope that someone will reach out to Aubrey Gold and help her with a lawyer not to sue her because let’s be real Shy Love has no fucking money, but instead to file several complaints against Shy Love with the state of California and the labor board.


This Sheelagh Blumberg website is dedicated to the shady acts of Shy Love. Be careful before doing any business with Sheelagh Blumberg (Shy Love). This website should serve as a warning to you. This Sheelagh Blumberg website should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of moral and ethical values.