A former client speaks out against Shy Love

Long story short I got in contact with Shy Love via her escort agency ad on craigslist. I wanted to seek escort services and The VIP Connect seemed like a legitimate escort agency. Well I was very wrong.

Instead Shy Love told me I should do nude modeling and this would help with frequency of escort jobs for which she provides and my rates would be much greater.

I drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and met her in person. Shy Love told me her business partner is “MARIA” which later turned out to be Sophia Santi and Shy took me down the street for lunch to meet Maria and then she introduced herself as a world renowned Porn Star Sophia Santi and Shy Love made her what she is today.

Next day Shy told me about a photographer and I needed pictures for my “portfolio” and for her site because I didn’t have any pictures at all other than selfies non professional types.

Few days later I end up on a set for pictures but instead this super creepy guy took the pictures and he was real creepy then he turned and said “OK TIME FOR THE BLOW JOB SWALLOW SCENE”.

I was like whattt???????

I was so intimidated that like a dear stuck in head lights ended up doing what was asked.

A few days later I was up on TheVIPconnect.com for escort work then about three weeks later again on another photo shoot which turned out to be a Interracial scene tey was was Boy Girl.

This was so alarming and so fucked up that I tried to leave her agency.
I received so many calls and text messages and I still have them to this day.

First they were like, “Hey Babe I have a group hanging out with the people who owns a big internet company” I thought finally a escort job she promised $500 for one hour as it turns out that one hour was like and over night and if didn’t stay for the whole time I would not be paid and be blacked listed like several names she mentioned that I cant remember because I was never about porn anyway and don’t know any porn stars.

I blocked Shy Love’s number and she found me on facebook using another facebook account. Long Story short she outed me to my family and friends. As a result, I also lost a day job as host at a restaurant at the W hotel in Hollywood.

When Shy Love reads this she will know exactly who this is however there is nothing more she can do to me at this point.

There are a ton of agents in Los Angeles and Las Vegas I urge y’all use anyone except anything from Shy Love.  Shy Love tried to ruin my life. Don’t let her do the same to you.

That’s all I have to say.


This Sheelagh Blumberg website is dedicated to the shady acts of Shy Love. Be careful before doing any business with Sheelagh Blumberg (Shy Love). This website should serve as a warning to you. This Sheelagh Blumberg website should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of moral and ethical values.