Shy Love once faked Cancer! How fucked up is that?

Shy Love’s bullshit and lies date back years and years. I found an old article about Shy Love from the old Gene Ross archives at It’s long as fuck but worth a read. You’ll see in there a bunch of shit she made up including the time she faked having cancer.

Of course that’s only part of the story. The best part has to be the scene with Taylor Rain. lol

The long hibernating Mr. Metro writes:

Hey Gene, long time, no talk. Fascinating stuff on your website. This is like the old days.

I was just reading the entire Shy Love piece on her ex-husband Eric Hunter and now Keith O’Connor and wanted to see perhaps if you, like myself, caught some of the inaccuracies and wondered if Shy was suffering from being a pathological liar – whereas she actually believes her own lies.

I know Shy and Eric very well, and I knew Anthony and Keith when they were both here at Metro and then left to start Defiance. I still see Shy from time to time at industry events, but Eric is now out of the business, Keith and Taylor Rain are also out of the business and Anthony moved back to Rhode Island with Kelly Erikson and they are out of the business.

Shy Love says she got fired because she wouldn’t fuck Keith. If that were true don’t you think at the time both Shy and Eric would had thrown a fit and there would have been a shit storm of emails, blogs, phone calls, text messages and postings about it on your site and every other gossip site?

Neither of them are known for being tight lipped so if there were any truth to that don’t you think Eric and-or Shy would have called, emailed, text messaged, written in the sky to each and every blog and gossip column? In your interview with Eric, he says he can’t remember why Keith hated Shy so much. Don’t you think he would remember something as big as that being her husband? I bet he would.

If Keith was attracted to Shy enough to want to fuck her in return for work wouldn’t it then also be reasonable to assume she would have appeared in titles for the companies and on box covers?

My recollection is that Shy Love never once appeared in any of the 50 Torrid or Defiance titles EXCEPT for placing herself in a scene SHE directed with Taylor Rain and Evan Stone in which Taylor Rain walked off the set during the middle of shooting because Shy Loves’ pussy stunk, she said that on a long time ago and even Eric remembered it in his interview with you.

Since I am involved in post production what I found to be so funny was that Keith told the editor, who also happens to edit titles for our company, to go ahead and leave the part where Taylor Rain walked off the