Fake SHY LOVE mansion parties

Shy Love invited several of the girls on her roster to a mansion party.  saying it was for the owners at Mindgeek. When the girls arrive they started talking to some of the guys there and nobody knew who the hell Mindgeek or Manwin was. The men were Israeli business men that Shy Love wanted to impress.
She tricked the girls into going to this party for free saying it was to get them work for sites like Brazzers and Digital Playground – companies that Mindgeek owns.
In the end what the girls really got tricked into going to a party for one of her John’s party. It had nothing to do with Mindgeek or anything in porn.

A true account of working with Shy Love

I don’t want to give my name but the second Shy Love reads this story she’ll know exactly who I am.
I wanted to share my experience with her so that others don’t fall for it like I did. I was young and stupid. Don’t make my mistake. Avoid Shy Love at all cost.
She sent me out of town for a job. I didn’t have any money and I needed the work. She said the job was a private, just the guy and me for $1,000. When I got there it was a three guy gang bang and when I called to protest she said either I do the job or I can stay there. She knew I didn’t have any money to get home.
I had no choice and she knew that. She knew that I had to go back in there and let those three men have their way with me for the next 3 hours or I was stuck with no money to get home.
Don’t work with Shy Love. She really is a horrible person. No matter how bad off you think you are, it will be worse if you have anything to do with Shy Love.


The VIP Connect Fraud

Have you ever actually looked at the VIP connect website?
Let’s be honest, there isn’t more than 4 active performers even on her talent roster. She’s got a girl on there that retired two months ago. She’s got another girl who left porn more than 7 months ago. She lists the girl as “available”.
Just how available is a bitch who left porn 7 months ago?
Beyond that, Shy Love claims that THE VIP CONNECT is a licensed agency. That isn’t true. If you search the database from the state of California talent agency database you will find no listing for The VIP Connect. Don’t fucking take my word for it, search for yourself.
You’ll notice her website doesn’t list her license number, despite the fact that she says she has one. The state requires all agents to list it on their website. She doesn’t.
To some she claims they are licensed through the LAX Models license. The problem with that is license number TA-154074 is that license number is owned by Model Democracy, LLC. The problem with that is, Scott Reedy who was the registered agent closed down that company. It’s no longer a valid California company. They also lost their Nevada status, that expired on August 1, 2015.
So there is no valid company and even if there was, two independently run companies can’t share the same license. Until recently, LAX MODELS was a very distinct and different agency from THE VIP CONNECT.
So the good news is, any performer who has a contract until THE VIP CONNECT OR LAX MODELS can get out of their contract with ease because they are not valid.


Shy Love would bring girls in from Europe. They would get into the country on a tourist visa. She would then take them to Arizona to get them a driver’s license illegally and then put them to work.
Because the girls can’t travel with large amounts of money she would take all their money and tell them she would wire it to them when they got back home.
The problem was, when they got home, instead of getting a $40,000 wire they would get $5k or $10k. When they asked for the rest of the money she would say there was nothing the girl could do about it because they were in the country illegally working. So they had to take whatever amount she deemed them worthy of getting. This happened to at least 10 different European chicks.